de Jiří Kylián. NDT

“A journey in time- light and space, addressing the ambiguity of aesthetics – performances and dreams.
Finding beauty in a grimace – in a knot of the mind – or in a physical contortion.
It is like trying to perform a balancing act on the string of your umbilical cord.
When does the performing act start ?
When we are born or when the curtain rises ?
Does it all end when we walk off the stage – or is there no end to the performance ?
What is a masquerade ? – The clothes we wear in the street or the stage costume ?
Between so-called art and artificiality – between the reality of life or fantasy – this twilight zone creates a tension which is of interest to me.
It os like standing on the edge of a dream. Standing in darkness and qtaring into a sharp light with closed eyes- doubling every bit of our so-called reality.
The moment in which dream intrudes into our lives and life into our dreams – this is the point of my curiosity.
Simply – a feeling of falling down in a dream and waking up with a broken rib”.

Jiri Kylian

Choreography: Jiri Kylian
Choregrapher Assistants: Hans Knill
Music: Lukas Foss, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Alessandro Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Torelli
Scenography and lighting: Jíri Kylián
Costumes: Joke Visser
Technical realisation: Kees Tjebbes
Duration: 30 min

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